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April 7, 2021
Environmental Data and How They Speak
Michael J. Messner

October 19, 2020
Using Data Science Education as an Economic and Public Health Intervention in East Baltimore

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March 17, 2020
Data Science: The Discipline, Methods, and Preparation
Christopher Morrell

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February 27, 2020
Data Visualizations of the ACS, Redistricting file, Shapefiles, Bayesian Improved Surname Geocoding (BISG) proxy method and Animated Venn Diagrams using the Census Surname Lists
Martha Dusenberry Pohl

January 22, 2020
Sample Size Calculations Using R PracTools Package
George Ziph

November 21, 2019
Evolution of the US Census: Politics, Society, Opportunity, and Innovation
Howard Hogan

November 21, 2019
Bringing Statistics Education up to Data
Daniel Kaplan

November 20, 2019 - Third Seasonal Adjustment Practitioners Workshop


Seasonal Adjustment of NIPA data: Model-Based and Moving-Average-Based Approaches
Jonathan H. Wright

William R. Bell

Seasonal Adjustment Tutorial: The Basics
Catherine Hood

Estimating Re-fitting Frequencies for Short-term Energy Models
Janice Lent

De-mystifying Seasonal Adjustment: A visual tool to understand the process
Steve Matthews

Session 1A

A Diagnostic for Seasonality Based Upon Autoregressive Roots
Tucker McElroy

Seasonal Adjustment Subject to Frequency Aggregation Constraints
Osbert Pang

The Darkside of the Moon: Searching For The Other Half of Seasonality
Gary Cornwall

Understanding the Relationship Between the Seasonal Regression Model-Based F Test and a Diagnosis of Residual Seasonality
Kathleen McDonald-Johnson

Session 1B

Reference Week Adjustment for Employment Insurance Statistics
Lorcan Mischler

Session 2A

Quarterly Services Survey Seasonal Adjustment Expansion
Karlesha G. LeGrier

A Plan for Examining Signal Extraction of the Manufacturers' Shipments, Inventories, and Orders (M3) Survey
James Livsey

New Kid on the Block: Introduction to the Business Formation Statistics
Samantha Nguyen

Session 2B

Seasonal Adjustment in Statistics New Zealand
Richard Penny

Constrained Seasonal Adjustment for Correlated Series: How the Fed Seasonally Adjusts Liquid Deposits
Brian Preslopsky

Showdown at the SAPW! Forecasts versus Published Data
Elijah L. Hood

October 17, 2019
The Case of Pew Research Center: How Public Opinion Research Organizations Work
Scott Keeter

October 11, 2019
Imposter Syndrome: Navigating Your Professional Success
Elizabeth Mannshardt

September 25, 2019
Need for Data Integration and Statistical Modeling for Various Purposes
Partha Lahiri

September 23, 2019 - Government Advances in Statistical Programming 2019


Session 1A

311 Service Requests
Monica Puerto

Generic Drug Evaluation and R-package SABE
Elena Rantou

David Kretch

Using the Current Population Survey to Answer DOL-Relevant Questions: Applications in R
Samuel Rowe

Session 1B

A glimpse into the "Electricity Initiative" at the U.S. Energy Information Administration
Greg Lawson

Tableau for Data Scientists
Joel Hutchison

Statistical Learning for Complex Survey Data: Using Cross-Validation for Variable Selection in Generalized Linear Models
Darryl Creel

Scalable Non-Linear Logistic Regression in R with an Application to the Census of Agriculture
Jake Abernethy

Session 2A

Introducing gobbli: Deep learning with text doesn't have to be scary
Jason Nance

Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to Quickly Classify Open Text Field Comments in a Longitudinal Study
Kristin Chen

Session 2B

R Data Packages of Multi-Reader Multi-Case Studies and Simulation Tools to Support the Development of Reader Performance Evaluation Methods
Si Wen

Hierarchical models in the production of official statistics: a discussion of some practical aspects
Andreea Erciulescu

Topic Modeling Consumer Complaints for Risk Analysis
Benjamin Bloom

Beyond the Analysis: An Approach to Operationalizing Your Results using Open Source JavaScript Frameworks
Dylan Holt

Session 2C

Complex Survey Variance and Design Effects in R using the Rstan and Survey packages
Matt Williams

Ensemble Modeling with Basketball
Johnny Thomas

Automating maintenance of public sector survey frames
Keith Finlay

Text Analysis of Death Certificate Records to Ascertain Drugs Involved in Deaths in the National Vital Statistics System
Merianne Spencer

Session 3A

SMART: An Open Source Tool to Facilitate Auto-Coding
Caroline Kery

Think Outside of the Box(plot)
Jerry Valerio

Modern Methods for Exploring Text Data
Peter Baumgartner

Session 3B

Faster Computation for Hierarchical Bayesian Models with Rcpp Packages
Lu Chen

Asking Consumers about their Finances
Kimberly Kreiss

Using Python, PostgreSQL and R to Analyze NIBRS
Ian Thomas

Weight Calibration across Packages
Stas Kolenikov

Session 3C

Create Interactive Motion Charts Using R Package GoogleVis
Bidong Liu

Automating Occupational Profiles Using R Markdown
McLeod Brown

Using R to Automate the Development of Custom Reports in Word Format
Chaoyi (Mina) Zheng, Alexandra Gates

Linking EEOC Case Investigation Records by Employer Name using Text Analytics
Ada Harris

Rapid Implementation of Test Design Using Python
David Oh

Session 4A

Analyze, visualize, and ... itemize: Tax policy analysis with Tax-Cruncher
Peter Metz

Synergy Between Remote Sensing and Machine Learning for Crop Yield Prediction
Luca Sartore

Getting Started with Using Amazon Mechanical Turk to Label Data
Brandon Kopp

Session 4B

Using R and Shiny to Analyze National Assessment Data
Ting Zhang

A Tour of USDA NASS's Decision Support System
Nathan Cruze

Measuring the Scope and Impact of Open Source Software
Gizem Korkmaz

Session 4C

Adaptivity of Media and Behavioral Modeling
Mitchell Shuey

Python-pptx: Programmatically creating slide decks
Elaine Wilcox-Cook

An Exploratory Research on Optimization of CFS Sampling Design
Mehdi Hashemipour

Science of Visual Analysis
Jerry Valerio

June 10, 2019 - FCSM/WSS Workshop on Sensitivity Analysis with Integrated Data


Introductory Remarks
Joe Schafer

Measuring Uncertainty with Multiple Sources of Data
Sharon Lohr

John Eltinge

Measurement error correction and sensitivity analysis in longitudinal dietary intervention studies using an external validation study
Juned Siddique

Sensitivity Analysis for Unobserved Effect Modification when Generalizing Findings from Randomized Trials to Target Populations
Benjamin Ackerman

June 5, 2019
Diving into the U.S. Census Bureau Planning Database and ROAM Application: Tools for Survey and Census Planning
Kathleen Kephart, Suzanne McArdle

May 1, 2019
WSS President's Invited Seminar: Statistical Disclosure Limitation and Differential Privacy
Natalie Shlomo

April 1, 2019
Role of Statistics in Today's Changing Society: 2020 Census
Julia Coombs, Marisa T. Hotchkiss

Video (may not be compatible with some configurations)

March 7, 2019
Combining GIS and Statistics: Data Visualization to Communicate Findings
Kristen Hocutt

February 5, 2019
Statisticians in the Federal Government: Producing Data on the Criminal Justice System
Jeri Mulrow

October 24-25, 2018 - Government Advances in Statistical Programming 2018


October 24, 9-10:30

On Implementing a New Imputation Method into Production in the 2017 Economic Census Illustrated through Selected Vignettes
Jenny Thompson

Variance Estimation for Product Sales in the 2017 Economic Census: Challenges in Implementing Multiple Imputation-Based Variance Estimation
Matthew Thompson

Updating a Generalized Imputation System to Include a Quadratic Program
Laura Bechtel

Continuous Integration and Deployment for R
Zech Kottilil

Using "git" to leverage development and external collaborationMetadata for Confidential Microdata
William Sexton

Organizing research projects with an efficient open-source tool (emacs org-mode)
Feiming Chen

Open Source Software for Automating and Ensuring Quality in Official Statistics: An Example Using R and RStudio for Stratified Simple Random Sampling
Darryl Creel

Stratified Simple Random Sampling: Quality Control (good)
Darryl Creel

Stratified Simple Random Sampling: Quality Control (bad)
Darryl Creel

October 24, 11-12:30

Using Gaussian copulas to generate a synthetic population
Yijun Wei

Indicator for Top-Coding Effects on a Household Survey Income Elasticity of Demand Estimates
Danny Yang

Using R for Advanced Statistical Modeling in the National Energy Modeling System
Janice Lent

Transparent and Reproducible Research in Agricultural Official Statistics
Andreea Erciulescu

Polishing Analysis Tools Until They Are Shiny
Andrew Dau

Designing, building, and deploying an interactive survey monitoring dashboard using R Shiny
Joe Murphy

October 24, 1:30-2:30

Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset
Shelly Martinez

October 24, 3-4:30

Automated Document Generation using R Markdown
Eric Budge

Cleaning and Analyzing Data from the U.S. House of Representatives
M. Daniel Turse

Analyses of Chicago Subway (L) Ridership
M. Daniel Turse

Attendance and Graduation Rates in High Schools Across the US
Helen Levy-Myers

Using NLP, the Census' Commodity Flow Survey team
Christian Leonard Moscardi

There's a package for that? R Packages that Support Analyses of Common Federal Datasets
Kelsey Gray

Linking Public Data Sources to Create Localized Official Statistics
Greg Lyons

Estimating Traffic Crash Counts Using Crowdsourced Data - Pilot analysis of 2017 Waze and police accident reports in Maryland
Dan Flynn

October 25, 8:30-10

Using Computer Vision to Process Vehicle Dashboard Displays in Transportation Safety Research
Kristin Chen

Exploring Author Influence with Networks, NLP, and Trend Analysis
Benjamin Ulloa

Improving Estimates of Arrest Related Deaths with Machine Learning
Peter Baumgartner

MISSUITE: A Shiny Application for Clinical Trial Missing Data Analysis
Chenguang Wang

Using R in a regulatory environment: some FDA perspectives
Paul Schuette

INCA: an R package for Integer Calibration
Luca Sartore

October 25, 10:15-11:45

Using R for Bayesian Analyses of Survey Data
Matthew Williams

Fitting a Bayesian Fay-Herriot Model
Nathan Cruze

Shiny applications without Shiny
Emily Mitchell

Shiny and Geospatial maps
Brandon Kopp

Shiny Demonstration Utilizing Bootstrap Approach to the Application of First Digits Analysis
Matt Corrigan

October 25, 12-1

Best Practices in Analytics and Data Science
Marck Vaisman

September 14, 2018 - WSS & FCSM Metadata Workshop


Introduction to the FCSM/WSS Workshops on Transparent Reporting on the Quality of Integrated Data
John Eltinge

Frauke Kreuter

What You Need to Know  Too; Standards and Interoperability
Dan Gillman

Administrative Data Research Facility and Metadata
Julia Lane

Metadata for Confidential Microdata
Todd Gardner

Implementing the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) for the Consumer Expenditure Surveys
Taylor J. Wilson

Freight Data Dictionary
Mary Moulton

Thoughts on the Importance of Metadata for Integrated Data
Marilyn Seastrom

May 02, 2018
Inference for Count Data using the Spatial Random Effects Model
Noel Cressie

April 26, 2018 - Second Seasonal Adjustment Practitioners Workshop


To Adjust or Not to Adjust: A Users' Perspective on Analysis of Economic Trends with Seasonal Data
Ataman Ozyildirim

Brent Moulton

Seasonal Adjustment without Revisions
Barend Abeln

Applying the EM Algorithm to Multivariate Signal Extraction
James Livsey

How Long Is Too Long: Shortening International Trade Time Series
Rachel Von Bargen, Samantha Nguyen

Seasonal Adjustment of the Quarterly Summary of State and Local Government Tax Revenue (QTax)
Eric Valentine

A Diagnostic for Seasonality Based upon Autoregressive Roots
Tucker McElroy

Examining the Performance of Seasonality Diagnostics for Detecting Residual Seasonality
Osbert Pang

Current Challenges with Quality Assurance of Seasonal Adjustment
Steve Matthews

Using R to Teach User-defined Holiday Effects
Miriam J. Hood

Seasonal Adjustment Training, Considerations and Strategies
Kathy McDonald-Johnson

A Review of the Problem of Seasonal Adjustment Variances
William R. Bell

Modelled approximations to the ideal filter with application to time series of Gross Domestic Product
Thomas M. Trimbur

Multiyear Cycles: the Case of International Sport Events
Andreas Bachmann

Outlier Review During Concurrent Seasonal Adjustment of CES State and Area Series
Jonathan Creem

Some discussions on calendar effects in X12-ARIMA
Francois Verret

X-13 Stuff You Should Know
Brian C. Monsell

April 20, 2018
Why Writing about Statistics is Hard (And Here's How to Do It Anyway)
Regina Nuzzo

March 15, 2018
Integrating Statistical Thinking and Ethics into Teaching, Consultating, and Daily Life
Jessica Utts

February 26, 2018 - Third FCSM/WSS Workshop on Transparent Reporting on the Quality of Integrated Data


Introduction to FCSM/WSS Workshops on the Quality of Integrated Data
John Eltinge

Recap of First Workshop, Lessons Learned
Chris Chapman

Recap of Second Workshop, Lessons Learned
Joe Schafer

Overview of Third Workshop
Linda Young

Identifying and Addressing a Break (Blip) in Series
Lynn Langton

John Eltinge

Combining Information from Multiple Data Sources: Challenges and opportunities
Trivellore Raghunathan

William Bell

Assessing and Improving the Accuracy of Estimators from Blended Data
Paul Biemer

Transparency in the Reporting of Quality for Integrated Data: International Standards
John Czajka

Frauke Kreuter

January 25, 2018 - Second FCSM/WSS Workshop on Transparent Reporting on the Quality of Integrated Data


Introduction to FCSM/WSS Workshops on the Quality of Integrated Data
John Eltinge

Introduction of Speakers and Overview of the Input Workshop
Chris Chapman

Overview of Second Workshop
Joe Schafer

Entity Resolution, Measuring and Reporting Quality
Rebecca Steorts

William Winkler

Leveraging Survey Methods to Improve Administrative Record Estimates
Ben Reist

Data Harmonization in Survey Data Integration
Don Jang

Recent Advances in Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Change of Support for Official Statistics
Scott Holan

Blending Data Through Statistical Matching, Modeling, and Imputation
Jerry Reiter

Ed Mulrow

The elusive sweet spots of privacy and utility
Latanya Sweeney

December 1, 2017 - First FCSM/WSS Workshop on Transparent Reporting on the Quality of Integrated Data


Introduction to FCSM/WSS Workshops on the Quality of Integrated Data
John Eltinge

Introduction of Speakers and Overview of the Input Workshop
Chris Chapman

The Integration of Administrative and Survey Data in Support of Medical Expenditure Analyses: Utility and Challenges
Stephen B. Cohen

Quality of Administrative Records as Source Data
Michael Berning and David Sheppard

Quality Considerations for Administrative Data Used for the Producer Price Index (PPI) and Consumer Price Index (CPI) Development
Bonnie Murphy and Crystal Konny

Assessment of Commercial Store and Household Scanner Data: Methods, Content, and Cautions
Mary Muth

The Improvement in Sensitivity and Often Specificity when Adding Unstructured to Structured Data
Dr. Peter Elkin

Satellite Remote Sensing Imagery Quality and Timeliness: Considerations for Use in Regional Estimation of Crop Production
David Johnson

Sensing Data Quality in Sensor-Based Data
Subrat Mahapatra

October 17, 2017
Some Statistical Applications in Cyber Security (presentation)
David Marchette

David Marchette

August 8, 2017
The Impact of Working Memory in Survey Methodology: A Look at Response Order Effects, Question Order Effects, and the Health and Retirement Study Cognitive Measures
Beth Cochran

Discussion: Working Memory and Context Effects
Robert F. Belli

WebEx video (WebEx may not be compatible with some configurations)

April 25, 2017
Innovation at the Census Bureau
John Thompson

April 20, 2017
How to Avoid Some Common Graphical Mistakes
Naomi B. Robbins

April 3, 2017
Workshop on Survey Nonresponse
Phil Kott, RTI
Andy Peytchev, University of Michigan John Eltinge, U.S. Census Bureau

April 1, 2017
Careers in Statistics and Data Science
AMSTAT Article

March 8, 2017
Recursive Partitioning for Modelling Survey Data
Slides Video

October 7, 2016
Statistics and Presidential Elections
Slides Video
Clyde Tucker, CNN and American Institutes for Research and Bureau of Labor Statistics (Retired)

April 18, 2016
Benefits and Challenges in Using Paradata

April 1, 2016
Teaching Simulation-Based Inference
Kari Lock Morgan, Penn State University

February 22, 2016
New Developments in Small Area Estimation Using a Bayesian‐Frequentist Integrated Approach
Avi Singh, AIR

September 9, 2015

Nonprobability Samples

April 28, 2015
Teaching Precursors to Data Science in Introductory and Second Courses in Statistics

February 2, 2015
Introductory Statistics at the College Level— Making it More Exciting and Relevant

January 30, 2015
Hierarchical Bayesian Methods for Combining Estimates from Multiple Surveys
Adrijo Chakraborty, NORC

September 4, 2014
Determining Optimal Recall Period Assignment in Consumer Payment Surveys
Marcin Hitczenko, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

September 18, 2014
WSS Seminar on Administrative Records for Best Possible Estimates

September 24, 2014
The Rake's Progress Revisited!

October 8, 2014
Statistics Education as part of the Common Core: What, Why, and How?
Douglas Tyson, Central York High School, York, PA

October 28, 2014
WSS Conference on the Consumer Price Index

November 3, 2014
On Information Quality (InfoQ) of Official and Establishment Statistics

November 12, 2014
Bayesian Estimation of Trends in Population-Level Health Metrics Using Disparate Data Sources

December 2, 2014

December 3, 2014
Geographic Oversampling for Race/Ethnicity Using Data from the 2010 Census