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Jeff Gonzalez

A Message from WSS's President,
Jeff Gonzalez

To the Washington, DC Statistical and Data Science Community,

Having served in different capacities and roles for various Chapters and Sections of the American Statistical Association (ASA), it is with great pride that I begin my tenure as President of the Washington Statistical Society (WSS), the oldest chapter of the ASA, and express my sincerest gratitude for having the honor of stepping into this role. In reflecting upon our journey as an organization over the past years, the WSS, like many organizations, has adapted to the world of online meetings and has become a more diverse and dispersed community; yet there is a greater need for community and connection with all statistical and data science professionals across the Washington DC area. Although we have achieved a lot over the past few years and as we move forward from the pandemic, there is so much more to achieve.

Looking ahead, we stand at the threshold of new and exciting possibilities, and we want to build off the initiatives of past Boards with the goal of broadening WSS outreach efforts, making information more accessible through a redesigned website, and having a robust and active methodology program with opportunities for folks to learn through seminars, workshops, and short courses. To accomplish these goals, we will need to rely on you and the tireless efforts and unwavering commitment from our Board, Committees, and volunteers. So, I encourage each and every one of you to actively participate in our upcoming events – whether they be short courses, seminars, networking or social events, or mentorship activities – or volunteer for us and engage in this vibrant community.

In closing, I look forward to working with everyone over the next year. As members of the WSS, recognize that we are part of something special and unique – a vibrant community of statistical professionals, aimed at promoting statistical research and unity and collaboration among all groups concerned with statistical matters.

Jeff Gonzalez
WSS President, 2023─2024