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Curb-stoning, a Too Neglected and Very Embarrassing Survey Problem

Date/Time: December 2nd, 2014, 12:30pm to 2:30pm


Cathy FurlongStatistics without Borders
Arthur KennickellFederal Reserve Board
Rodrick MarquetteCensus Bureau
Jaki McCarthyNASS
Ali MushtaqConsultant
Fritz ScheurenNORC
Steve KoczelaMassINC Polling Group

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Chair: Nancy Bates, Census Bureau

Sponsor: WSS Methodology Section

Curb-stoning or fabrication has been the bane of surveying since, perhaps, its inception. Re-interviews have traditionally been used to detect curb-stoners. But large enough re-interview samples to have a reasonable power of detection are expensive and may only reliably identify the most Flagrant forms. There is a belief, by some, that newer preventive and detective techniques have helped. But there is also a belief, by others, that, in some settings, matters may have even gotten worse. Which is it?

The experts on the panel will each cover one aspect of this broad subject, starting with a recent paper published in September issue of the Statistical Journal of the IAOS. The paper by Peter Winker has, with his students, been simulating various fabrication scenarios. His focus has been on the rate of their detection and, to a lesser degree, on the consequences of undetected results being used at inference.

The session is longer than normal to give everyone plenty of time for discussion. The results will be recorded and a publication may follow in the IAOS Statistical Journal next year.

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