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2011 Hansen Lecture

Robert M. Groves and Roderick J. Little, U.S. Census Bureau
"Missing Conceptual Components, and Design-Based/Model-Based Viewpoints"

Discussant: Natalie Shlomo, Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Abstract: The Total Survey Error paradigm, with its explicit decom- position of mean squared error into components of sampling and nonsampling error, is the conceptual foundation of the field of survey methodology. However, it is argued that the current paradigm has some limitations. Key quality concepts are not included, notably those of the user. Quantitative measurement of many components is burdensome and lagging, and error measurement has not been incorporated in inferences for practical surveys to the extent desirable. We seek to address these limitations by extensions of the Total Survey Error concept, and a model- based interpretation of Total Survey Error based on missing data ideas.