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1998 Hansen Lecture

J. N. K. Rao, Carleton University
"Some Current Trends in Sample Survey Theory and Methods"
Sankyha, Series B, Part 1, Vol. 61, pp.1-25, 1999.

Opening Remarks: Robert M. Groves, Joint Program in Survey Methodology, University of Maryland

James M. Lepkowski, University of Michigan
Robert E. Fay, U. S. Bureau of Census

Abstract: Beginning with the pioneering contributions of Neyman, Hansen, Mahalanobis and others, a large part of survey sampling theory has been directly motivated by practical problems encountered in the design and analysis of large scale sample surveys. We have seen major advances in handling both sampling and nonsampling errors as well as data collection and processing. In this lecture, I will present some current trends in sample survey theory and methods. After a brief discussion of developments in survey design, data collection and processing, I will focus on inferential issues, resampling methods for analysis of survey data and small area estimation. I will demonstrate the advantages of a conditional design-based approach to inference that allow us to restrict the set of samples to a relevant' subset. Quasi-score tests of hypotheses based on the jackknife method will be presented. I will also discuss issues related to model-based methods for small area estimation.