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1994 Hansen Lecture

Leslie Kish, Institute for Survey Research (ISR) U. of Michigan
"Developing Samplers for Developing Countries"
International Statistical Review,64(2), pp. 141-162.

Opening remarks: Joseph Waksberg, Westat, Inc.

Thomas Jabine, Consultant,
Vijay Verma, Consultant.

Abstract: Samplers for less developed countries have been educated and trained in the last 50 years in various settings: in universities, in national statistical offices, on research projects, etc. Also both in their own countries and in "host" countries, such as the USA, India, France, etc. Methods of survey sampling are eminently "transferable" between countries (and disciplines), but are not readily accessible (portable) in printed (etc.) form, because the procedures must be modified to fit local resources. Therefore, travels by "learner" statisticians and/or by the "experts" are needed. The teaching/training process should combine academic subjects, individually selected, with practical training. These are difficult to arrange, and survey sampling also suffers neglect in universities, which teach statistical analysis but not data collection. Recruiting suitable candidates and career placement also pose challenges. But the rewards are great, because survey sampling is spreading all over the world.