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2000 Hansen Lecture

Graham Kalton Westat, Inc.
"Models in the Practice of Survey Sampling (Revisited)"
Journal of Official Statistics, 18(2), pp.129-154, 2002.

Opening remarks: Cynthia Z.F. Clark, U.S. Census Bureau

Christopher Skinner, University of Southampton
William Bell, U.S. Census Bureau

Abstract: Although design-based inference is the standard form of inference with large-scale sample surveys, in practice some reliance on model-dependent inference is necessary. This article considers issues of model-assisted inference, the population of inference, conditional inference, the effect of measurement errors, and analytic uses of survey data, under the design-based mode of inference. It then discusses the need for model-dependent inference for small area estimation and for handling missing data (unit nonresponse, item nonresponse, and noncoverage). The article also discusses the use of models in variance estimation.