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Herriot Award Nominations Sought

Nominations are sought for the 1998 Roger Herriot Award for Innovation in Federal Statistics.

After the sudden death in May, 1994 of Roger Herriot, an Associate Commissioner for Statistical Standards and Methodology at the National Center for Educational Statistics, the Washington Statistical Society, the Social Statistics and Government Statistics Sections of the American Statistical Association established an award in his memory to recognize individuals who develop unique approaches to the solution of statistical problems in federal data collection programs.

The award is intended to reflect the special characteristics that marked Roger Herriot's career.

The award is not restricted to "senior" members of an organization; nor is it to be considered as a culmination of a long period of service. Individuals at all levels, from entry to senior, federal employees, private sector employees, or employees of the academic community, may be nominated on the basis of the significance of the specific contribution.

The recipient of the 1998 Roger Herriot Award will be chosen by a committee of representatives of the Social Statistics Section and Government Statistics Section of the American Statistical Association and a representative of the Washington Statistical Society. Roger Herriot was associated with and strongly supportive of these organizations during his career. The award consists of an honorium of $500 and a framed citation.

Joseph Waksberg (Westat), Monroe Sirken (National Center for Health Statistics), and Constance Citro (National Academy of Sciences) are previous recipients of the Herriot Award.

A nomination form can be obtained by contacting Daniel Kasprzyk at 202-219-1588, 202-219-1325 (fax), or e-mail All nomination forms should be returned to:

Roger Herriot Award Committee
c/o Daniel Kasprzyk
4906 Colonel Contree Place
Upper Marlboro, MD 0772-2875

Completed nomination forms must be received by May 8, 1998.

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SIGSTAT Meetings

SIGSTAT is the Special Interest Group in Statistics for the Capital PC User Group (CPCUG) and the Washington Operations Research and Management Science Council (WORMSC). It meets on the second Wednesday of each month.

All SIGSTAT meetings are from 12:30 to 1:30 in the Waugh A Room on the 3rd floor in the South Tower of 1800 M St, NW. Directions to the meeting site and the full schedule is available at http://www.ers.usda.govsigstat/ or on the Members/SIGS page of First-time attendees should contact Charlie Hallahan at 202-694-5051 or to leave their name for gaining entrance to the building.

SIGSTAT: Derive for Windows - Feb 11

The February meeting of SIGSTAT features a demo of Derive for Windows. Derive is a symbolic mathematical computer program that solves polynomials; does arithmetic, trigonometry, and calculus; visualizes mathematical expressions with 2-D and 3-D graphics; and manipulates matrices.

SIGSTAT: ActivStats - Mar 11

The March meeting of SIGSTAT features a demonstration of ActivStats. ActivStats is a comprehensive multimedia introduction to statistics available with Data Desk. More than 225 Activities show you how statistics is used with real-world videos, illustrate basic concepts with hands-on interactive animations, teach you to use the methods with the award-winning Data Desk statistics program (included on the CD-ROM), and let you discover how random events behave by experimenting for yourself in specially designed computer-based experiments.

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George Mason University Graduate Courses in Statistics: Spring 1998

The Department of Applied and Engineering Statistics at George Mason University offers a graduate certificate program in Federal Statistics and a Masters degree program in Statistical Science. In addition, the department participates in two interdisciplinary doctoral programs which can have a concentration in statistics. These are the Ph.D. in Information Technology and the Ph.D. in Computational Sciences and Informatics. All courses are offered in late afternoon or evening. The following statistics courses will be offered in the Spring semester of 1998.

Day/time (pm)
STAT 544
Applied Probability
STAT 554
Applied Statistics
STAT 634
Case Studies in Data Analysis
STAT 652
Statistical Inference
STAT 656
Regression Analysis
J. Miller
STAT 665
Categorical Data Analysis
STAT 674
Survey Sampling II
STAT 678
Reliability Analysis
INFT 875
Scientific and Statistical Visualization
INFT 879
Topics in Stochastic System Simulation
INFT 973
Mathematical Statistics II
J. Miller
INFT 978
Statistical Analysis of Signals
INFT 979
Topics: Virtual Reality & Visualization

For more information on these courses and programs offered visit our web site at, call (703) 993-3645 or email to

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March 25, 1998: American Community Survey Symposium

The American Community Survey (ACS) is designed to provide annual updated estimates of the 2000 census long form items beginning with year 2003 data. The first estimates from the ACS demonstration sites are available on the Internet. They include estimates for all block groups, tracts, and functioning governmental units within each site. Four sites were included in the first full year test of ACS data collection in 1996. The Census Bureau plans to increase the number of sites for 1997-2002 with full national implementation of ACS in 2003. This symposium is designed to acquaint participants with the status of the ACS program and major research issues, and to discuss interesting results from initial analyses of the data. These analyses include some comparisons with 1990 census data, respondent characteristics by mode of data collection, and some effects of the weighting process.

The symposium will be held at the U.S. Bureau of the Census, located just outside of Washington, DC. For further information contact Lynn Weidman via e-mail at

Conference registration is free.

To register contact:

Kathryn Maney
ACSD, Room 3039-3
Bureau of the Census
Washington, DC 20233-1915
ph: 301-457-2308
FAX: 301-457-3682

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March 26-27, 1998 -- Conference on Small Area Estimation, U.S. Census Bureau

This conference will feature invited speakers from academia and various government agencies discussing recent research on problems in the theory and practice of small area estimation. The conference will consist of sessions with 3 talks of approximately 30 min. each followed by floor discussion. Speakers from academia tentatively include Arthur Dempster (Harvard), Wayne Fuller (Iowa State), Malay Ghosh (Florida), and John Rao (Carleton Univ., Canada). The conference will be held at the U.S. Bureau of the Census, located just outside of Washington, D.C.

For further information contact:

William Bell
SRD Room 3000-4
Bureau of the Census
Washington, DC 20233
ph: 301-457-4728
FAX: 301-457-2299

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Note From The WSS NEWS Editors

Items for publication in April 1998 WSS NEWS should be submitted no later February 24, 1998. E-mail items to [Michael Feil] or [Fran Chevarley]. FAX items to Michael Feil at (301) 443-4045.

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WSS People

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Vice Chair for District 2 of
Council of Chapters

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Council of Chapters Representative
Ron Fecso (703) 306-1780 ext. 6906.
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Public Policy
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Statistical Computing
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Social & Demographic Statistics
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Short Courses
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Data Collection Methods
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WSS Committee on ASA Fellows
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