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November 1996


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Please come join your friends and colleagues for a celebration of the holiday season with a special tribute to the 100th anniversary of WSS. The 1996 WSS Holiday Party and Special 100th Anniversary Celebration will be held Tuesday, December 17, at The Washington Court Hotel. See the enclosed flyer for details and registration information. Hope to see you there!

Volunteers are now being solicited to represent the Washington Statistical Society as judges in local area science fairs next spring. The WSS sponsors awards at fairs in Northern Virginia, suburban Maryland and the District of Columbia. Since 1986, WSS has provided special awards at these fairs to students whose projects demonstrate excellence in statistical theory or application. Those who have participated in this activity have very much enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the students and to observe the widely diverse projects which are presented. The fairs are held on a Saturday morning in mid-March to mid-April. The only time required is that one Saturday morning, plus one weekday lunchtime meeting to discuss judging strategy and to distribute the awards to be given out at each fair.

If you would like to be a WSS science fair judge, or if you would like additional information about this activity, please contact Lee Abramson at (301) 415-6180 or e-mail at (If you judged last spring, there is no need to contact Lee unless your mailing address or phone number has changed.)


We send the newsletter out via email to several hundred folks each month. Mail for the following people has 'bounced' recently.

If your name is on the list, please send a note to Vince Massimini ( with a new email address. If you know someone on the list (or can get a current address for them), please contact Vince or have them contact Vince.

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Faster Delivery of the Newsletter

Try the WSS newsletter via email! WSS now distributes the newsletter electronically to nearly 240 members (over 20% of the membership). These members get the newsletter a week or more prior to folks who get the surface mail version, and can get updates on recent events and changes. During the summer, we also published electronic-only newsletters to give folks advanced notice of August and September events. Also, WSS saves printing and postage, since we don't need to send a paper copy to the electronic folks.

If you would like to receive the newsletter by email, please send a note to Vince Massimini ( listing your name, organization, and internet email address. If you are an ASA member, it would help if you could include your ASA number and mailing address with Zip code, but this is not critical.

The newsletter can also be viewed as a part of the WSS WWW page, or can be downloaded in Adobe format to be read or printed. This is in addition to the usual employment, seminars, and other useful information. Again we thank Dan Rope of BLS and Jim Gentle of GMW for developing the page and providing the site, respectively. The WSS WWW page is at URL if you would like to give it a try.

Also, if your email address has changed, please let Vince know. Your messages may be bouncing and he can't get them to you.

SIGSTAT Meetings

SIGSTAT is the Special Interest Group in Statistics for the Capital PC User Group (CPCUG) and WORMSC, Washington Operations Research and Management Science Council. All meetings are from 12:30 - 1:30 in Room 1208, 1301 New York Ave, NW. First-time attendees should contact Charlie Hallahan at 202-501-6928 or Further information is at http://www.ers.usda.govsigstat or the Members/Sigs page of

11/13/96 Forecast Pro 2.0 for Windows -

Forecast Pro is a Windows package for forecasting univariate time series. Forecast methods included are exponential smoothing, Box-Jenkins ARIMA models and dynamic regression. An expert system option is available to automatically analyze the data and recommend a forecast technique based on out-of-sample MAD.

New Statistics of Income Methodology Report Now Available

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announces the availability of Turning Administrative Systems Into Information Systems: 1995, the latest edition of a set of IRS Methodological Reports produced by the Statistics of Income (SOI) Division. This report draws together selected papers on administrative record research presented at professional conferences. Most of the presentations in this volume were made at the 1995 Annual Meetings of the American Statistical Association, held in Orlando, Florida.

This year's compilation has been divided into five major sections, each focusing on a somewhat different area of research:

The report is available free of charge. To obtain a copy write to:
         Statistics of Income Division  CP:R:S:S:P
         Internal Revenue Service
         P.O. Box 2608
         Washington, DC  20013-2608
         Phone:    (202) 874-0410 
         Fax:      (202) 874-0964


Lecture Series at SRI International - Fall 1996

Seating is limited to 70. Please contact George Hagn (703-247-8470 or if you need further information about the meeting itself; or if you need logistical information, please call either Loretta Bates at (703) 247-8451, or the SRI receptionist at (703) 524-2053.

There will be no lecture in December. Lectures will resume in January.

Policy Research Firm Opens DC-based Surveys Office

Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., one of the nation's leading independent research firms, recently expanded its Survey and Information Services Division by opening a Washington, DC, office. The new office, located at 600 Maryland Avenue, SW, complements Mathematica's DC-based Research Division and its research affiliate, the Center for Studying Health System Change, at the same location.

George Carcagno, director of the Surveys and Information Services Division and executive vice president of Mathematica, announced the creation of the new office. Carcagno reports that "the new office expands the survey research, data collection, and information services capabilities we have long offered to our clients. These services contribute to Mathematica's unique combination of direct data collection capabilities, evaluation expertise, and insight into the socioeconomic issues that drive public policy."

The associate director of the new office is Margaret Cahalan, an expert in education surveys and survey management. Staff also includes Brenda G. Cox, a Mathematica senior fellow and senior sampling statistician, and Donsig Jang, a sampling statistician. In October, two new senior staff will join the staff, senior fellow James Massey, formerly of the National Center for Health Statistics, and senior survey researcher Susan Mitchell, formerly of the National Research Council.

Mathematica conducts public policy research and surveys for federal and state governments as well as private clients. Its services include large-scale computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) and computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) surveys. The firm, with offices in Princeton, N.J., and Washington, D.C., has conducted some of the most significant evaluations of public programs and demonstrations undertaken in the United States on issues involving health care, education, welfare, employment, and other public policy issues.

Seminar on Statistical Methodology in the Public Service: November 12 - 13, 1996

The Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics will host a seminar on "STATISTICAL METHODOLOGY IN THE PUBLIC SERVICE". The seminar will focus on a variety of topics that have been explored in the Statistical Policy Working Paper series developed under the auspices of the Federal Committee on Statistical Methodolgy. Topics to be covered will include the dissemination of Federal statistics, the sharing of data, administrative records, and the training of Federal statisticians.

Seminar participants will include federal statisticians, economists, and managers, as well as others in the broader statistical community who share an interest in the quality of federal data. Users and producers of federal statistics who participate in the seminar will have the opportunity to share experiences and ideas, discuss technical issues, and consider future policy initiatives.

The cost for the two-day seminar, which will be held at the Holiday Inn, Bethesda, 8120 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland, will be $125.00 per person. Registration will be limited to 250 participants. For further information, contact Edward Spar or Susan Cohen in the COPAFS office (703-836-0404).

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